Geiger Honored for Excellence in Promotional Campaigns

Posted: February 15th, 2009

Geiger walked away the big winner in the 51st annual PPAI Pyramid AwardsSM competition sponsored by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) with five Pyramid Awards—one gold, three silver and one bronze. All winners were recognized during the annual awards presentation at The PPAI Expo 2009 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Winners of PPAI Pyramid Awards are recognized for effective use of promotional products in business and institutional marketing programs. The award-winning campaigns feature the creative use of promotional products, packaging and copy to create integrated marketing programs that delivered quantifiable results. These winners were selected by the PPAI Awards Committee and outside industry judges.

"Creativity and effectiveness are key to winning this much coveted award," said Steve Slagle, CAE, PPAI president and CEO. "As these winning programs illustrate, there is no limit to the application of a promotional products program. A very simple program can win a Pyramid Award if it is successful at meeting the client's objective."

Geiger was recognized in the following categories:

Less Than $10 Per Recipient
SILVER Geiger- Port Deposit, Maryland
Program: Greater Wilmington Convention and Visitors Bureau

Objective: To increase the number of corporate and social event inquiries in the greater Wilmington area by 10% over the previous year.

Strategy & Execution: The target audience: approximately 2,500 meeting and event planners. The promotional item: a very useful "Meeting Room Calculator." A natural fit! For a 12-month period, the calculator was distributed by hand at meetings, trade shows and sales calls, becoming a familiar and highly visible item. It was also included as an insert in the "Meeting Planner Guidebook" and, for those requesting it, the calculator was also mailed. The item proved to be so useful that the Wilmington CVB received calls and e-mails from meeting planners all over country requesting their own Meeting Room Calculator.

Results: Inquiries for Wilmington CVB events totaling well over $500,000 were received, and the flow of inquiries continued to increase long after the campaign ended.

$10 Or More Per Recipient
GOLD Geiger- Stillwater, Oklahoma
Program: Kinnunen Sales and Rental

Objective: To strengthen customer loyalty in the face of new reduced-price competition and to maintain the sales volume of the previous year's same period.

Strategy & Execution: With the appearance of a lower-priced competitor in the market, Kinnunen Sales and Rental stepped forward with a new slogan that announced the company's bold "Get To Work" attitude. A confident, hard-working bulldog mascot set the tone of the campaign and was imprinted on a series of promotional products that were distributed to over 500 Kinnunen customers (via personal delivery and in the store). The campaign featured several well-chosen, rugged promo items such as hard hat decals, foam footballs, knives, caps and hammer-shaped compressed T-shirts…all printed in bold red and black. A new promotional item was released and distributed every week over a three-month period. The company also ran a "Name the Mascot" contest in local newspapers, eliciting over 600 entries. The contest created valuable PR exposure opportunities with photos and stories about the winning name ("Krunch").

Results: Not one customer was lost to the new competition during the 90 day promotional period or for the five months following the campaign. Company sales not only reached the previous year's level but increased 41%.

BRONZE Geiger- Ambler, Pennsylvania
Program: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Objective: To draw a minimum of 150 people to the grand opening of a new "Special Delivery" birthing unit.

Strategy & Execution: The guest list for this open house grand opening was comprised of physicians, donors and government officials…busy individuals who often leave much of their mail unopened. A large-size invitation was chosen to generate curiosity and prevent the card from ending up in the trash, unopened. Inside, the front of the card teased, "Hear what the experts are saying about the newest arrival at The Children's Hospital in Philadelphia." When recipients opened the card, they heard the sound of a crying newborn baby. Event information was also included. The clever headline and humorous payoff ensured that the card was seen (and heard!) by the intended recipient, even if it was opened and delivered by an assistant.

Results: The grand opening event was attended by almost 200 people, a third more than was expected.

$10 Or More Per Recipient
SILVER Geiger- Minnetonka, Minnesota
Program: Schwegman, Lundberg and Woessner, P.A.

Objective: To enroll at least 70% of the law firm's 90 staff employees in a six-week walking and fitness program.

Strategy & Execution: Taking inspiration from a co-worker diagnosed with Type Two Diabetes, the law firm of SL&W launched a health awareness group called the "SL Walkers." At a kick-off party, participants set their own individual goals of distance to walk by the end of the six-week program. Each walker was presented with a basic and inexpensive pedometer. At a check-in rally two weeks later, participants whose pedometers showed that they were on track to meet their goal were given an upgraded pedometer. Two weeks after that, during a second rally, those who were still on track to meet their goal received a pedometer carrying case and poly water bottle. The promotional items were a nice bonus and certainly created program awareness, but the company-wide enthusiasm and sense of pride and accomplishment became its own reward.

Results: Seventy employees participated in the program, and, over the course of the six weeks, 72% of the participants met or exceeded their goal. As a spin-off program reward, during the annual healthcare benefits renewal negotiations, the company-sponsored fitness program earned the firm a projected 3% to 10% cost reduction from their healthcare provider.

$10 Or More Per Recipient
SILVER Geiger- Wales, Maine
Program: Affiliated Health Systems

Objective: To energize staff personnel and boost employee morale.

Strategy & Execution: Using a variety of upbeat, high-visibility items, Affiliated Health Systems launched a successful employee performance recognition program. The campaign's slogan, "I've Been Spotted" was emblazoned on a different promotional item each quarter with clever wordplay customized for each item. An imprinted ice scraper read, "Break the ice…nominate!" A highlighter pen announced, "Make nominating the High Light of your day." The items encouraged employees to nominate each other for superior job performance. This program, built on team encouragement, created a contagious atmosphere to not only exhibit performance that might get you spotted, but to look for and encourage team members to demonstrate "spottable" performance.

Results: Program managers at the company reported a dramatic increase in participating employees with incidents of recognition running twelve times higher than a previous program. As of 7/08 346 employees were "spotted" at least one time under the old program it would have taken over 28 years to "spot" this many employees.

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